Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Party of FIve, Round Two

Let's talk about TV...

For the past two years I've been watching new (to me) TV series on Netflix. I watched the following in this order starting from Spring 2015 to Spring 2017:

House (I did watch this while it was airing but not in order and I missed huge chunks)
Malcolm In the Middle
Gilmore Girls
Friday Night Lights
How I Met Your Mother
The Office

When I finished The Office, which by the way was great, I was unsure of what to do next. A few days later I was sitting with M and she saw that Netflix had added Party of Five! This is a very big deal. Allow me to explain.

My mom had watch POF when it was originally airing in the 90's. About seven (!!!) years ago we finally decided to all watch it together but the only place it was available was YouTube, in parts and sometimes the endings would be missing. It was frustrating but we watched all 6 seasons on our desktop computer in the living room over the course of 6 months. In fact, when I started this blog we had only just finished it the previous winter.

Since then, in the 7 years since we finished, M and I have talked endlessly of how we wanted to rewatch POF because that show is GREAT. But again, it was nowhere to be found and we didn't want to deal with YouTube again. Then, Amazon put it on prime which was great because we could buy an episode here and there around Thanksgiving or Christmas. M and I were actually about to just bite the bullet and split the cost and buy the entire series on prime. And then...Netflix came through.

So since the middle of April I've been working my way through POF again and it has been glorious. Not only is the show just as good (if not even better) than the first time I watched it, it is bringing back so many great memories. The hours that my mom and sister and I spent watching together that first time are so special to me. And the bulk of which was done in the summer so I feel like things have come full circle as I sit on the same leather couch as the first time, only now watching on my ipad. I look forward to the episode or two I watch every night all day. If you haven't watched Party of Five, do it!

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