Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It is...


And 11 days until Christmas! My my, how time has flown.

I'm really tired because this week has been super busy and will continue to be until tomorrow when I have most of the day off and only work 7-11pm.

I'm slightly blue because I think I'm getting a cold. If I do, it *should* be gone by Christmas. And if it fails to fade in due time, I am going to get meds for a sinus infection. I will not be sick for three weeks again. No way.

In other news, I'm using my Mom's laptop which I hate but I'm making due. The jury is still out as to whether I'll get a new computer for Christmas. Yesterday my mom and I had our annual day where she comes with my to shop for other people. I got most everything done so it was a great success! I'm really excited to give away all of these gifts. I'm also going to be baking a lot to save some money but it shouldn't be as intense as last year as I'll probably only make 3 types of cookies instead of 6.

Back soon with more holiday fun!

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