Wednesday, November 9, 2016


New president and stuff.


But in bigger news, I'm getting a cold :(. Truly, I should not complain! Remember how I was literally sick every month last year? From September-April? April was my last illness! So I had a 7 month run of health which is pretty darn good.

Since I started working in a daycare a few weeks ago, I knew it wouldn't be long until something got to me. The kids just cough, straight at you because they're toddlers and don't know any better. I still love them :)

I do wish I didn't have so much work (school and actual) to do this week as it's hard to find motivation when you aren't feeling well. But, I know I'll get through it and be better for it.

Can you believe it's almost time for another musings post? Holy cow, it's November already!

God bless America.

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