Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

  • Our pies came out good for the most part. Well...except for the chocolate one that I botched and had to throw out. My aunt's pumpkin chocolate cheesecake blew everything out of the water anyway :D
  • Food. was. so. good. Especially the stuffing which is my favorite dish of all. And since we hosted at our house, we had all of the leftovers. Meaning, I had four thanksgiving meals total. 
  • We played three games that were quite fun. First, that game with the mouth spreader where you have to try and pronounce words, quite comical. Second, Seven Wonders, a game of strategy. Third, a game I can't remember the name of where everyone answers a question and then we guess which answer was whose. Highly amusing. 
  • Family, everyone came! My dad's whole side of the family made it. I love having everyone together. 
  • I felt real sick. I haven't felt well in almost three weeks. I'm pretty sure I have the first sinus infection of my life but I don't want to pay and go to the doctor so here's to hoping it goes away soon. 
Overall, despite not feeling well, I have so much to not just be thankful for, but to be thankful in! I can be thankful in ANYTHING with God on my side.


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