Monday, November 28, 2016

My First Sinus Infection

I know I've said I've had a sinus infection before but I'm certain I was mistaken. I now know what a sinus infection feels like and it was a shocker.

First, I get a cold THREE WEEKS AGO. Then, I start to feel better for literally half a day. From there, it was another decent into illness but the runny nose and watery eyes never returned. Instead, I congestion that wouldn't expel itself, pressure in my face, a hoarse voice and fatigue oh and a nasty sinus headache. It sucked. What sucked even more was that it happened over Thanksgiving (which maybe was a good thing because I didn't have to go to school). I forced myself to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, still made my pies, doorbusted on Black Friday, hung out with C etc.

The nights were the worst. I would wake up every few hours just feeling miserable. I tried propping myself up to no avail, I tried steaming myself. It was awful

Finally, finally I feel better last night but today it was back to school. All of those mornings over break when I could have been sleeping in but couldn't, wasted! At least there are only two and a half weeks until Christmas break. I pray I don't get sick again for that.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Series Finales: The Decent and Abysmal

Well, I finished HIMYM on Thanksgiving night. I know the ending is highly debated and generally disliked. I felt on the fence about a few things and I wish the writers had omitted a few lines but overall, it was a good enough ending for a great show. Especially considering what was to come...

The following night, M and I settled in to watch the Gilmore Girls revival. Now, if you remember, GG was a show that I found fun and entertaining but I didn't necessarily love. Still, I was very excited to see what would happen in the revival, namely, who Rory would end up with.

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

Honestly, I have never hated an ending more in my life. It SUCKED. The writers screwed up Rory's character beyond belief and through logic and characterization by the wayside in favor of their preferred ending that DID NOT FIT AT ALL. Even more devastating, they completely screwed over my beloved Jess.

The show, revival and original, is now dead to me.



Thanksgiving 2016

  • Our pies came out good for the most part. Well...except for the chocolate one that I botched and had to throw out. My aunt's pumpkin chocolate cheesecake blew everything out of the water anyway :D
  • Food. was. so. good. Especially the stuffing which is my favorite dish of all. And since we hosted at our house, we had all of the leftovers. Meaning, I had four thanksgiving meals total. 
  • We played three games that were quite fun. First, that game with the mouth spreader where you have to try and pronounce words, quite comical. Second, Seven Wonders, a game of strategy. Third, a game I can't remember the name of where everyone answers a question and then we guess which answer was whose. Highly amusing. 
  • Family, everyone came! My dad's whole side of the family made it. I love having everyone together. 
  • I felt real sick. I haven't felt well in almost three weeks. I'm pretty sure I have the first sinus infection of my life but I don't want to pay and go to the doctor so here's to hoping it goes away soon. 
Overall, despite not feeling well, I have so much to not just be thankful for, but to be thankful in! I can be thankful in ANYTHING with God on my side.


Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm Ted Mosby

As I've mentioned before, I'm watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time on Netflix. I didn't love it at first but now I do. I'm currently on season nine and excited to see how everything will play out.

The character of Ted is a hopeless romantic who believes in big moments and destiny and is waiting (not so) patiently for the woman he is meant to marry. At the end of season eight he confesses to another character that he tired of waiting around and tired of believing and hoping that each girl he meets might be the one. He's grown cynical and so have I.

I know I"m still young but there was a time when I truly wondered if each new guy I met would be "the one". I would go so far as imagining myself married to people I barely knew to see if they made a good fit. I envisioned bit moments, sparks flying, the whole thing. Now I don't do that anymore. I don't let my mind wander, I don't even daydream much anymore. That part makes me sad.

I used to have an elaborate daydream, basically a mind palace, of my future home, my future kids, my future husband, my wedding. Now it makes me to sad to visit those figments because I'm so worried and doubtful that they'll ever even come true.

So I'm like Ted. But let's not forget, he does meet "the mother" and he does get married and have kids. It happens for him when he's given up, when he least expects it.

And that's the hope I have for myself. Maybe someday this blog will be my own version of "How I Met Your Father"


Friday, November 18, 2016

In Which I Get Very Excited About Putting on Flannel Sheets

I don't know, there is always something wonderful about crawling into bed with freshly laundered sheets. I know I'm not alone in that.

Even better, when the sheets are soft flannel that you haven't felt in months and months. I quite love taking off my flannels in favor of cotton come the end of March too but once the weather turns cold, I'm delighted to put them back on.

Flannels=cold weather=CHRISTMAS is coming!

I had been using the same blue and white snowman flannels for probably about 8 years before I finally caved and bought a red and white checked set at Target last year. Big mistake. It may have looked nice on the box but the red was just TOO MUCH. It offended my eyes and seemed out of season come January.

TOO MUCH I tell you!

This year I bought a subtle but cute set with happy snowmen and a single red stripe by the top of the flat sheet.

Just right.
I've held out on putting them on until my weather forecast shows that it will be in the 40's or below indefinitely. Though today is unseasonably warm, the weekend comes with promise of snow so it's time.

So now you all know what I'll be doing tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fifth Anniversary of Midnovember Musings

Here we are once more! It's hard to believe it's already that time. Honestly and truly, I feel like Christmas will be hwere before we know it!! After all, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!

I'm excited for the holiday season. I'm especially looking forward to buying both of Jackie Evancho's Christmas albums on itunes and playing them on repeat whilst driving and writing papers and wrapping presents and such. I love Christmas music.

But as I said, before that is Thanksgiving! I love that holiday too. I'll be making pies and watching Thanksgiving TV episodes and black Friday shopping the next day. Ahhh can't wait.

I think I mentioned it once but I'm watching How I Met Your Mother after much urging from my mom and sister. It took me about half a season to warm up to it but I'm on season 8 now and totally hooked. I really love how everything is coming together, props to the writers for that one! I started the show in late August and I imagine I'll be done in no more than a week or two. From that point on, I'll watch Christmas TV/movies and then come 2017, I think I'll go back to rewatching old shows for awhile. I had a year of new TV (Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, HIMYM) and it was great but there's really nothing like revisiting old favorites.

Well, I shall end my musings here as it's going to take me a hot minute to link up to all of the past musings. I wonder where my 2017 musings will find me.... :)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


New president and stuff.


But in bigger news, I'm getting a cold :(. Truly, I should not complain! Remember how I was literally sick every month last year? From September-April? April was my last illness! So I had a 7 month run of health which is pretty darn good.

Since I started working in a daycare a few weeks ago, I knew it wouldn't be long until something got to me. The kids just cough, straight at you because they're toddlers and don't know any better. I still love them :)

I do wish I didn't have so much work (school and actual) to do this week as it's hard to find motivation when you aren't feeling well. But, I know I'll get through it and be better for it.

Can you believe it's almost time for another musings post? Holy cow, it's November already!

God bless America.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Voted and I'm Not Crying About It

Ok, so this title is not meant to be an insult to those who were crying about their votes. From what I read on social media, there were a lot of people who felt so torn up about the candidate they ultimately felt they had to vote for that they were very emotional. I totally get that. I get that people feel backed into a corner for this election, I get that people feel like they have to vote for a certain person or another. All I'm saying is, I am at peace with my vote.

I don't see it as a wasted vote, or even a protest vote. It was my vote to do whatever I wanted to with and I can honestly say that I could not have lived with myself if I'd voted any other way. I did my research, I know that my candidate was far from perfect. I did not agree with everything this candidate stood for but on the whole, I see my vote as hopefully leading to future political reform so that no one is every stuck in this same situation again.

No one should have to cry about their vote!
I hope in 2020 that no one does.