Monday, October 24, 2016

Being an Adult Sometimes Requires Going to the Pediatrician

Like today when I needed a physical for my new (2nd) job.

That's right. I did the adult thing of getting another job to save more money and thus, I needed a physical. I've been meaning to get around to finding an adult physician but well, never did. So when I needed this appointment as soon as possible, I knew there would be no time for searching around and trying to schedule so I reverted back to the rainbow tiled floor at the Pediatricians.

Yeah, it was embarrassing but not terribly. I went from there to the DMV to get fingerprinted and then to the bookstore to get Huckleberry Fin for my Lit class. Being self sufficient makes me feel happy and independent. I feel like an adult today, even if I do have an animal print band aid on my left arm.

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