Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All Things For Good

I wrote this post a year ago about a certain professor who deeply hurt my feelings and ruined my day (but not my life).

Basically, above mentioned professor (occasionally referred to as "that idiot ______) was critical to the point of hostility over a ROUGH draft I had written. She humiliated me in earshot of the whole class and basically crushed my spirit.

Said professor had RIDICULOUSLY high standards for papers, like she was a stickler for EVERYTHING. It was terrifying to submit an assignment for her to judge and write all over and pick apart, especially after what had happened between us. After a crap ton of revisions, I did manage to get a good grade on my last paper though, which was though nice, did not change my opinion on "that idiot _______).

My opinion still remains the same. The women was tactless and rude and insensitive but she taught me a lot about how to write a scholarly paper.

I used the tools I'd learned in her class and continued to get better and better. I've always been good in English, but on a college level, it's mostly been high B's and the occasional A. Academic writing on a high level doesn't come as naturally to me as creative writing but it's been a work in progress.

This professor taught me that it is possible to make someone feel so small that they wish to disappear. She also taught me that using "by contrast" and "to the contrary" are excellent transition phrases. This professor taught me that it is possible to completely humiliate someone without even realizing it, while seeming to actually enjoy it. She also taught me that flowery language and excess detail have no place in an academic paper. This professor taught me that perhaps being so smart may leave you devoid of empathy and emotional cues. She also taught not to refer to a character without putting them in possession of the author first.

To quote myself, "She ruined my day but not my life."

Now that I look back, she actually improved my life.

Funny how that worked out.

You see, I'm currently in a class with a really awesome professor Dr. G. My sister M had Dr. G and warned me he's a very tough grader and it's near impossible to get an A on papers.

Guess what? I got an A on a paper. A 98% to be exact. And some super complimentary feedback from Professor G, the tough grader.

Because of "That idiot _______". Yep. The hardest times can lead to the best.

I'm super proud of myself. But I'm also not arrogant to think that all credit goes to myself.

It goes to God too, you know for being awesome and giving me the ability to begin with.
And yes, it goes her, that blasted professor who hurt my feelings so badly. Who would have thought? Certainly not me a year ago. But hey, life is funny that way.


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