Friday, September 23, 2016

Work work work work

School work that is.

Ah yes, it is that time of the semester where everything is due at once. Thankfully, I've got the bulk of the work behind me for now. I have completed my Political Science and Religion paper, gotten over half way in my lit paper and more than that with my Journalism proposal.

Much work, much stress. But I've made it through.

I'm looking forward to this weekend that will be full of sports! Tonight is the homecoming game at my alma mater and Saturday M, my parents and I are going with my favorite aunt and uncle to a baseball game. Should be exciting stuff.

In TV news, I'm currently watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix (unsure how to feel about it) and started two new shoes this week on TV, This is Us and Speechless. Both are really good and it's been very nice to see the beautiful actor who played Jess on Gilmore Girls back for TIU. Swoon.

Signing off for now, gotta eat my lunch before class.

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