Friday, September 16, 2016

Summer Goals Revisited

1. Buy a car (x)
I did this at last! I'm so happy and proud but also kind of scared because, hello, responsibility.

2. Thoroughly enjoy the Rio Olympics (x)
I did enjoy them but I wish I had followed more sports like I was planning to. I was happy with all of the gymnastics success but well, dare I say it was just too predictable? For whatever reason, it didn't have the epic quality that London did.

3. Cultivate new friendships (x)
Yes, oh my gosh, at last! I have made three really good new friends and I'm so happy. I had to put myself out there a bit but mostly, it was very natural. Sometimes you can just tell that you're going to be compatible with certain people.

4. Read the Bible every day ()
I've been so undisciplined. It's honestly really disappointing how I haven't made this a priority. I need to be better, I know this.

5. Spend as much time outside, swimming/biking/running/reading as possible (x)
I absolutely did this! Though, I did not bike/run that much, I really made a point to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. Ellie and I were always walking to the park, the pool or just hanging out in the yard. I spent a LOT of time floating and reading in the pool or on lawn chairs. If it was sunny, I made it a point get outside :)

6. Drink (even more) water (x)
I don't know if it's cheating to count this one because I sort of went on and off on this one. I mean, I already drink a lot of water (my exclusive drink) but there were days when I would have my bottle around all the time and really make a point to drink more. There were also days when I made a point not to drink like when traveling but those probably don't count.

7. Do one thing crazy (x)
Wading through mud and going down a highly scary slide for the race I ran.

8. Have a perfect day (x)
The first day of the Olympic Trials, hands down. M snapped a picture of me on our way back to the hotel and I'm fairly sure I've never looked happier!

9. Finish writing my book series (x)
Yes! I finally did it! And I started an epilogue book.

10. Review three books I've reread ()
I only did two, but I plan to remedy that soon.

11. Read three new books additionally ()
Nope. I straight up didn't feel like it. Ha.

12. Run a race (x)
Same one as last year and I had a pretty awful time but I will explain that later.

13. Eat healthier/work out more ()

14. Blog more regularly ()

15. Enjoy it! (x)
This summer felt sort of strange, good but strange. It feels like I did SO MUCH and that made it seem both long and short. It was a good summer though, I got to travel to California and have the time of my life. I got to be an octopus in my second VBS skit and go to Cedar Point and my cousins island. I had memorable days with Ellie and enjoyed the weather to the fullest. 

Goals accomplished : 10/15
Not bad!

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