Sunday, August 14, 2016

Carlotta and Me

I've done it! I got a car! Fully paid for and owned by me!!
My dad found it for me and it was an incredibly good deal. It needs a bit of work but really, once a few minor aesthetic things are taken care of, she'll be good as new. As far as the technical car stuff that I don't really understand, there is nothing wrong with her mechanics and she has a brand new engine!

My first thought when I bough the car was fear. I know, right? All of this time that I've been saving and waiting for a car and I'm literally afraid of it. Not of driving it, but of owning it. It just felt like such a responsibility. Knowing that this car was mine and mine alone, it just seemed really adult. Now, I'm used to the idea and I'm very excited to see what adventures Carlotta and I go on together.

Carlotta is the cars name, if you haven't guessed. ;D

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