Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Lovin'

Boy do I love summer. I've been soaking up the warm (hot!) weather we've been experiencing this last week. We went to the beach and I spent day after day in the pool. There is nothing more peaceful than floating on a raft with a good book.

And speaking of, my July book review will be up shortly as I just finished the book yesterday, and it's a good one. As they all have been. Oh the beauty of only reading books you know you already like. It's been an immense pleasure!

I have the week off from watching El and I'm only working for four hours on Friday so I"m very excited to spend that time relaxing and writing which is what I'm in the midst right now. I minimized my Microsoft Word browser in order to check in on the 'ole blog.

Another bit of news is that this blog turns FIVE in just over a week. That is simply CRAZY to me. I'll write more on it on the actually anniversary but holy cow, five years? And E is now the age I was when I started this up!

Ok, I'm off to organize my room and prepare to go to my grandma's house for dinner. Nothing like home-cooked food on a Sunday :)

I love summer.

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