Thursday, July 14, 2016

NoCal 2016

What a trip!

I'm not going to detail everything because that is what my travel journal is for and I HATE writing in that enough as it is haha. And, my experience at the Olympic Trials will be chronicled on my gymnastics blog (see sidebar).

So here, is a bulleted snapshot of my thoughts for ontrip:

  • San Francisco, on the whole, was not very impressive to me. It wasn't didn't have the old architecture or bustling charm like New York and I didn't feel very safe there. It was like you could turn the corner and suddenly end up in a very bad part of town! And it was very dirty, and cold. I did like seeing the painted ladies, Lombard street and Pier 39. 
  • Alcatraz is amazing, everyone should experience that once! The audio tour was one of my favorite parts of the vacation. 
  • Sotto Mare in Little Italy (SF) has the most amazing pasta sauce, SO GOOD. In fact, the best part about any vacation is getting to eat out all the time. I had so many good meals, also notable was the pizza at Bar Bocce on Sausalito. 
  • Speaking of, Sausalito was great. Super charming, much safer and prettier than SF and just a cute place to visit. 
  • In-n-Out Burger lived up tot the hype, I loved it. I did however, hate the first come, first serve seating. For a place that is always crowded, it was just annoying. Who wants to stand in front of a table and wait for people to finish eating so you can claim it? Furthermore, who wants to be stared at and rushed while they eat??
  • Carmel by the sea was beautiful, totally reminded me of Manhattan beach. 
  • The Olympic Trials, one word, amazing. 
  • Airplanes put me to sleep. Honestly, the second each plane took off, it was like someone had put me under a spell!
All in all, it was a really great trip with awesome experiences. Now I feel like I've seen a good deal of California but still there is more to discover someday!

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