Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TV Endings and Beginnings

For whatever reason, I don't think I blogged about the fact that I started watching Gilmore Girls in February. My one grandmother was a longtime fan of the show so I'd heard about it from her as being wonderful but C and her sister always mocked the fast dialogue. I was torn, and a little confused as to what type of show this was. I really had it in my head that it was a half an hour comedy. Ironically, it was another blogger that inspired me to go ahead and give the show a try. The way she described it intrigued me and her deep love for it lead her to name her own daughter after one of the main characters.

So, back in the cold bleak winter, right before valentines day, I began my journey into Stars Hollow. M decided to watch too so we made a plan that we would watch each season at our own pace but meet back up for the finales. As soon as I started the first episode and heard the song "There She Goes", I knew I would love the show. However, it took a little bit. While M was hooked right away, I wasn't completely warmed up for a few episodes. Don't get me wrong, I loved the town and characters but I didn't feel very engaged during a lot of the first season. Season two really hooked me though (hello to the beautiful Jess Mariano) and from that point on, I was a fan.

I went though so much with Lorelai and Rory, so much happened over those seven seasons. I watched Dean break Rory's heart on Valentine's day. I watched the fateful dance marathon before leaving for Florida. I watched Chris break Lorelai's heart in Florida. Rory graduated from Chilton around my birthday and she started college while I was finishing up my semester. While Rory went through her life crisis, I was beginning my summer and when she prepared to go off and start her career,I was preparing to leave for my vacation again. I watched the final episode with my new friends from Church and M. Had I been alone, the tears would have flown.

Anytime a show ends, it feels so final and sad to me. BUT, the silver lining is that Gilmore Girls will be back! "A Year in the Life" will be premiering some time this year and I can't wait. The timing of me finally watching this series and the revival is perfect.

After finishing GG, I was at a loss for what to watch during my nightly TV time. I've been watching gymnastics for preparation of Rio but I want a regular show too. I started episode one of Friday Night Lights about a year ago but abandoned it. A blogger inspired me to watch that show too so I decided to try it again. I know it's super beloved and I figured it might take some time to get hoked like it did with GG. And, guess what? All it took was the end of that very Pilot episode! I can't wait to see what this series hods for me. I think I can have it done by September as it's much shorter than GG.

I can only imagine what will happen to the Panthers as I go through my summer!

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