Saturday, June 18, 2016

Part Time Octopus

That was me this past week! The theme for my church's VBS was ocean and for the second year, I was in the morning skit. This year was so much fun because I got to be a villainous Octopus that I assigned a New York accent. My coutnerpart, a cannibalistic shark, had this deep version of my accent and together we were quite the pair. I had such a good time in my tailored to fit, stuffed tentacle costume and being on stage in front of all of the kids.

When I wasn't being an octopus, I was in charge of the Kindergarten games, concepts and all. We had some simple days with themed version of duck, duck goose and red light green light but I also made up some activities with pool noodle rings, water balls and a parachute. It was neat to be able to lead the kids alone and see how they enjoyed the games I'd come up with. Besides one chaotic day, it was a success and I hope to be in the same position next year!

Also, this week I started watching my cousin Ella. In the past, my sister has been the one in charge and I'd just tag along, this year M is working full time so I took on the job. Between nannying and working at the hospital, I'm basically doing full time hours which is a first. It's a bit of an adjustment but saving money is key and I'm hoping to get a car in the coming week!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'll be back soon!

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