Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two Steps Forward...

Yikes. My throat is super sore again and I feel so tired all of the time. I have so much to do for school and work and just life. If I felt well, I'm certain I would be ready to tackle everything head on but I just feel so blah.

I got somewhat of a concerning result on a chest x-ray so I need to get that figured out though I'm not sure if it's the result of the lingering sickness. We'll see.

I have decided that I need to feel well by my birthday which is two weeks from today, I hope I can manage that.

Also tomorrow I have to do a presentation/impersonation of an author in one of my lit classes and I'm really dreading it. I was going to go with an alternative assignment but I just don't have time to write a four page paper in two days. I just can't do it. Here's to hoping I don't humiliate myself.

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