Saturday, April 30, 2016

Something That Stays

I think everyone has that one thing that they know will always be a comforting constant in their life. Whether it be a beach house in Vermont or a love for painting, a something that they know will never cease to bring them peace amidst the chaos of life.

Writing is that something for me. No matter if I'm stressed about my future or worried about my social life or just feeling down, I know I can log onto Microsoft Word or simply grab a pen and paper and there lies my escape. I've been working on my book series for almost two years now and it has brought me immeasurable joy. I'm not able to write much of it during school but whenever I get back to it, I'm reminded that this is my passion in life. I will always have the blessing and the ability to create something special with words, to weave a story, to build a character. Oh how I love it.

You can strip away all of the perishable things in life: money, school, material possessions, even people and I will still have writing. It's there for me like an old friend, it's there for me in a way that feels like coming home.


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