Saturday, April 30, 2016

Something That Stays

I think everyone has that one thing that they know will always be a comforting constant in their life. Whether it be a beach house in Vermont or a love for painting, a something that they know will never cease to bring them peace amidst the chaos of life.

Writing is that something for me. No matter if I'm stressed about my future or worried about my social life or just feeling down, I know I can log onto Microsoft Word or simply grab a pen and paper and there lies my escape. I've been working on my book series for almost two years now and it has brought me immeasurable joy. I'm not able to write much of it during school but whenever I get back to it, I'm reminded that this is my passion in life. I will always have the blessing and the ability to create something special with words, to weave a story, to build a character. Oh how I love it.

You can strip away all of the perishable things in life: money, school, material possessions, even people and I will still have writing. It's there for me like an old friend, it's there for me in a way that feels like coming home.


Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm Feeling 22!!!

Yesterday was my birthday folks.

The day was pretty nice, if the weather hadn't been so dreary maybe I wouldn't have been so tired and our shopping experience at an outdoor mall more pleasant. It was what it was. In the evening some family came over and we had some pulled pork and cupcakes. Very delicious. This past Sunday I had a joint birthday bonfire with one of my pastor's daughters who moved here recently and I've become friends with.. It was honestly the most fun I've had in so long. I love having people to laugh with and just be myself around.

Anyway, overall, it was a nice birthday. I can't believe I'm this old! I mean, I know I'm not old old but I'm a true adult. It feels scary and weird sometimes but exciting too. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in story for me this year, I really do think it's going to be a good one.

Oh and among my birthday presents was a BEAUTIFUL, typography picture of Robert Frost's poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" this is very appropriate considering the post I just wrote about The Outsiders! When I hang it up I will post a picture, it's so lovely.

Here's to my 22nd year! May it be golden!


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Book Review: The Outsiders

This book. It was the first piece of literature that made me think about it for weeks after I finished. The first book that I was able to read in a single afternoon. The book I've reread probably ten times. The book that I plugged in my very first blog post. It means a lot to me.

I first read S.E. Hinton's, The Outsiders, when I was 12 years old, the summer before 7th grade. My sister, C and I were obsessed with it. We talked about it constantly and even tried to come up with our own copycat story. Almost ten years later, I love this book even more and I get something new out of it each time I reread.

The fact that Hinton wrote this when she was 15 astounds me. She does an excellent job of establishing the authentic narrative voice of Ponyboy Curtis, a 14 year old orphaned greaser being raised by his older brothers. What starts out as a night at the drive in movies turns into a chain reaction that will change his, and his group of friends, lives forever.

This story has so many beautiful themes, friendship, brotherhood, universal hardship and the general struggle to find the person you are meant to be among less than desirable circumstance. Each character is unique and has their own voice and presence. Character descriptions are vivid and crisp. This book is funny, it's engaging and heartbreakingly raw and sad.

If someone had told me, "Hey Grace, read this book about a bunch of teenage boy greasers on the wrong side of town, you'll love it!", I would have laughed. The back synopsis or even a spoken one can not do this book justice. It is so much more than the above description and absolutely anyone will enjoy it. From boys and girls in middle school all the way up to the elderly, this is a story for the ages.

What I love best though, is the ending. It leaves you aching from it's beauty and it's pain. It's hopeful but there is no ignoring the tragedy that brought the story to this point. Each time I finish it, I feel the same sense of loss and awe.

So yes, I highly recommend this book. I will be telling people about it forever because everyone deserves to have the pleasure of reading it. And the movie is worth it too, only if you get the extended edition though because one they played in theaters cut a ton out and is basically a waste of time.

Go, read The Outsiders, I dare you to tell me you didn't like it!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Perfect Day

The weather was a beautiful sunny and 73. I got to wear shorts for the first time since September.

First we went to Church and then I got to talk to friends for awhile afterward. Once home, I ate lunch outside and then E and I helped my dad get our picnic table out of storage and cleaned off. Then we set up our umbrella in the middle and played Yahtzee (our favorite game).

I decided that such a nice day warranted the first cookout of the season so while my mom and M were at the library, I went grocery shopping and made a special hamburger recipe from my aunt. There was also salad, potato salad and lemonade. I painted my nails outside before getting the grill fired up and making dinner for everyone.

Let me tell you, it was so peaceful manning that grill while listening to the new Lumineers album (which I love).

Just an overall glorious day.

And soon summer and sun will be here to stay.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Ahhh the weather is nice at last! Looks like the whole week is going to be mostly sunny and warm! I have work and school but I'm going to attempt to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

I'm feeling a little better, still tired and my throat just hurts on and off. I need to shake this bug before my birthday!

Today is fun because M and I are going to see the Jungle Book with friends. Hopefully we can go outdoors after that because it's too beautiful not to. Right now I'm stuck in the library doing school work. Blech. But if I get it done little by little, the stress of the end of the year will be greatly diminished. Good news is that I'll be done in less than a month :). I'm pleased as punch about that!

Ok, I have to work on poetry now. And I hate poetry but somehow I manage to do well on the exams. Thank goodness for that!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two Steps Forward...

Yikes. My throat is super sore again and I feel so tired all of the time. I have so much to do for school and work and just life. If I felt well, I'm certain I would be ready to tackle everything head on but I just feel so blah.

I got somewhat of a concerning result on a chest x-ray so I need to get that figured out though I'm not sure if it's the result of the lingering sickness. We'll see.

I have decided that I need to feel well by my birthday which is two weeks from today, I hope I can manage that.

Also tomorrow I have to do a presentation/impersonation of an author in one of my lit classes and I'm really dreading it. I was going to go with an alternative assignment but I just don't have time to write a four page paper in two days. I just can't do it. Here's to hoping I don't humiliate myself.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Feeling Blue

I'm at the library doing school work and feeling blue. My throat started hurting again last night and today I feel like I'm getting sick again. I'm so tired of this. It's ridiculous! I haven't felt completely well in three weeks!

And I'm stressed with a bunch of school work coming up plus I'm working a lot this week. I just want to feel well again and then I'll be able to tackle stuff head on. Feeling crummy and having so much to do just sucks.

Big time.

Here's to hoping I feel better real soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let the Germs Die!

Holy crap.

The last 6 months have not been kind to me.

Here's a recap:

September-got the flue, fever, aches, lingering cold symptoms etc.
October-got a nasty cold
December-got a sinus infection
February-had some sort of 48 fever virus
March-bad cold
April-conjunctivitis and sinus infection


I got bacterial pink eye, came down with it Sunday and by Monday morning my eyes were crusted shut in the morning Sorry for that picture. Ok, writing that just reminded me that I needed to put in my thrice daily eye drops so that's done. Anyhow, I'm on the mend at last, after feeling bad for 2 weeks. I still have sinus going on but let's hope that clears up soon.

I need to be on the up and up because this month is a busy one. I have multiple papers to write, three presentations and work of course. But, by April 28th the bulk should be done. Which is good because that's my birthday, get it?

Until Tomorrow....

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Home and Sick

Ahh Florida was quite the experience but that will  need to be another post for another time. Because why? Because I got sick over a week ago, felt better and am not relapsing into yet another cold.

That's just life I guess

I will post more upon recovery.