Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Marching In

Happy March to all! Though some bad weather is headed my way, I know it will be short lived.

Today was interesting! A funny start to the month for sure.

We've had AT&T cable for the past 4 years and just recently my dad decided to switch so the cable guys were due to come today at 9 am. Ruby, our beloved Boston terrier, is not the best around house guests and we all knew that things would go south pretty quickly with all of the strange men coming in and out of our house. So M and I had to hole up in her room with Ruby for three hours. It was fun for a while but without TV and internet, we got bored pretty quick (hey we're only human!). Around noon we knew we had to break free so we took Ruby with us while we got some food and then we walked her on these nice new trails. After that we grocery shopped because we were planning on making dinner.

Upon arriving home, it was apparent that the cable people weren't leaving any time soon so I had to keep a close eye on Ruby who was actually doing pretty well. The plus side to not having anything else to do was that I got a lot of writing done.

At long last the cable man was done, E came home and M and I started dinner. It's actually still cooking because stuffed peppers are stubborn little things. I hope they taste alright because...we didn't follow a recipe. Ah well.


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