Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm blogging from school which is different and nice. I don't have one of the classes in the middle of my day so I have plenty of extra time. It's quite lovely.

Happy news, today is my day before break and I won't be back to this place for a nice long two and a half weeks. All I have to do is my poetry midterm over the weekend and then other than keeping up with readings, I'll coast right on to leaving for Florida! I'm so pumped. I'm just in need of a small backpack to take with me to the theme parks, other than that I just have to get some little travel stuff and I'll be good.

On a different note, check out the amount of time I've been at church lately and will continue to be for the coming week:

Last Wednesday: Small group in the evening
Yesterday: Helped out with the babies during our moms program in the morning
Saturday: Helping out in the morning during our annual Easter egg hunt
Sunday: Morning service
Tuesday: Helping out in the afternoon with a community event
Wednesday: Back for growth group

It's a great place/way to spend time if you ask me :)

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