Sunday, February 21, 2016

One Month

In just one month, I will be on vacation! With pools and sun and Disney and everything. I'm stoked, I can't wait!

This trip has been planned for what seems like a decade, but it's really only been about two years. I think going away during the late winter/early spring is quite wonderful. I've only done it once before when I was 14 and it was pretty great. I think most people who live in a cold/snowy area are down and out by the time March roles around so a break is much needed.

I ordered a bunch of bathing suits from American Eagle, only one worked out of the first three so I sent I returned the others and ordered more. The reason I keep buying online is because that's the only way to get most of them. And they have a great selection this year. I think I have time to do the old buy and return a few more times before we leave, just so I find the perfect one!


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