Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Have Confidence That Spring WIll Come Again!

If you don't know what song/movie that lyric belongs to, I feel very sorry for you!

But to the point, I was just feeling rather sad this week because it's February and winter and I'm just over it. So I thought of this song and cheered up and then, lo and behold, we were blessed with some unseasonably warm weather!

Today was glorious, we got to take Ruby for a nice long walk and I didn't need a coat or boots or two pairs of socks or anything. Lovely! Goodness, I just miss that so much during the cold months. I am happiest in the sun and outdoors.

Even though it will snow again before the nice weather comes to stay, I'm just thankful for the respite today and the preview of days to come.

Spring will come again indeed!

PS, the lyric is from The Sound of Music, watch it!

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