Monday, February 15, 2016

Hitting the Slopes

Yesterday, at last, I went skiing. M had gone about 4 years ago and loved it but it's taken us that long to go again so I can try too!

I was really excited to learn a sport but slightly dismayed after I had such difficulty maneuvering around with my skis on, it is not easy going on an incline, let me tell you! We started out on the beginner hill and it went alright. I had some fear about flying downward and not being sure if I could stop but my figure skating background came in handy for something! I was able to hockey stop very effectively.

From the tiny hill we took the life to the next biggest and that was somewhat of a disaster! The first time, we all fell getting off (myself, M and my dad) it must have been quite a funny sight to see three adults tumble onto the snow like rag dolls. The second time, I was so scared to get off that I didn't and they had to stop the lift so a lady could come and help me jump down! The third time it went smoothly.

I was then brave enough to try a bigger hill that my dad had tried out first. And it would have gone fine if Dad hadn't kept telling me to put my skis in a wedge shape, they crossed and came off and then wouldn't go back on and it was just a big ordeal. The second and third time down that hill was a breeze and so much fun! Sadly, I had to go in the lodge with my mom after that because I had stomach pains :(

But I want to go again soon, and hopefully by "soon" I don't mean four more years.

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