Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here I go...again

Well the spring semester starts tomorrow and although I enjoyed a veryyyy long break (longest of any university in the area!) I don't want to go back! Ha, does anyone ever? But really, this semester is going to be a little different and maybe a little scarier but I know I'll get through it and when it's over it will be summer! Oh how I long for May right now!

But...there will be good things happening in the next 3 1/2 months. Like Valentines day and the trip we're taking over spring break, E's birthday, Ruby's birthday, my birthday! So I can't wish time away. I have to learn to live and appreciate each moment.

On another note, I'm giving my testimony at my Bible study tomorrow. I have a fear of public speaking (I hate that about myself because I like to talk but in front of a group is a different story). I know I'll do fine, I just have to get started and I'll ease up. I think it will be really neat to share my story.

And on the final note, today is my mom's birthday! So we have a cake in the oven for her right now and we're going out to dinner later. The best part? Her, E and I have been watching America's Next Top model from Cycle 1 onward and today we start Cycle 4-my favorite one of all! If today has to be my last day of break, it sure is a good way to end a fabulous month.


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