Thursday, January 21, 2016

Everyone Has a Story

Yesterday, M and I along with four other individuals, gave our testimony at our young adult Bible study. I was really, really nervous because of my public speaking issue. But you know what? I didn't feel nervous in my head as I was waiting to go up, it was just my stupid body that was shaking and my heart was racing. I hate that feeling SO MUCH. But I opened with a little joke to ease tension and I only had that feeling that I wouldn't be able to speak for just a second. I actually think I did a good job sounding conversational and was able to easily go off script a few times. It was actually a great experience.

But beyond my own personal testimony, I was greatly moved by the others who spoke as well. In particular, there were two people that M wasn't super fond of and that I had only recently started to warm up to. Hearing their story, what they had been through and how they were growing, was very humbling. Everyone has a story, no one is the flat character that we make them out to be. No one is just annoying, or just angry or just sullen. How we view and judge others is not full-proof and it's not objective. Getting to hear such an intimate part of someone's life, as are most testimonies, totally convicted me to know that there is so much more to everyone than meets the eye. And that I am called to love everyone as Christ has loved me.


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