Thursday, December 10, 2015

Under The Weather

Since Tuesday, just generally feeling sort of bad in the stomach region. Not much appetite and punishment when I do eat.

So that's no fun but at least I'm done with school now, three cheers for that!

And today I'm going to meet C's new boyfriend because that's what best friends do. The bad news is that we're going out to lunch and I really don't want to eat anything

We'll see how that goes.

Our house is pretty much completely Christmas now and I love it! I helped my mom decorate everything and as usual, got stuck putting up our Christmas village. I used to loathe it but now I have it down to a quick and easy science. It came out looking pretty nice if I do say so myself.

And Christmas shopping will take place this very Wednesday. My mom and I always go together and spend the whole day out and about. I actually have a very good handle on what I'm going to get everyone so hopefully that means no ambling around and waiting for an idea to strike.


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