Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last Day and Vocal Rest

Irony of all Ironies:

Saturday was our big extended family Christmas party. It was a grand time with tasty food and a big turnout. It was also VERY LOUD. And so I had to shout to be heard in nearly every conversation. This resulted in a strained voice. Now, my voice is actually pretty easily strained. In fact, after shouting ans cheering on camera during GMA in NYC my voice wasn't back to normal for weeks, if not longer. But this time, it simply can't take weeks...because...

I'm performing in church choir this Saturday AND caroling on Sunday.

Now for the even more ironic part:

My final assignment is to do a READING in my nonfiction class. Yep, I have to read something I've written, out loud for about 7 minutes. So much for resting my voice.

But here is something happy: today is my last day of the semester! And though I have to go to a (3 hour!) class at work right from school and then directly to Bible study and choir practice, I'm just so happy to be done!


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