Friday, December 25, 2015

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Christmas day was lovely. The morning was spent opening gifts and relaxing with family. I was blessed this year to receive a lot of really thoughtful gifts. Most exciting is a pair of black and white Nike shoes that I've been wanting for a long time. I also got a lot of books and some jewelry. Most fun though, was watching my family open up what I had given them. Especially Ruby, as she tore open the paper to discover a new frisbee toy as her other one had just broken. That dog is very spoiled :)

After our family gift time, we ate breakfast (I made chocolate chip pancakes), laid around and then got ready for the day. My Grandma and aunt came over and we exchanged gifts and then my favorite aunt and uncle stopped by just before we all were to leave for my other uncles house.

Once there, we ate appetizers and talked and chilled until dinner was ready. The atmosphere was so much more welcoming and comfortable than the night before. That side of the family really knows and appreciates me! Before we ate, we opened our gifts for each other and I got the cutest shirt from my aunt. Another notable gift was the tin of baked goods my grandma always gives us, yum!

Dinner was great, we had lasagna (even the one E dropped, though we didn't actually end up needing it but my cousin ate a piece just to make her feel better), potatoes, a brussell sprout dish and more. It was delicious. Afterward, I got to ride the hoverboard that my cousin B had received for Christmas. B is my age and he has autism so he always gets really cool gifts because he loves things that move, lights and anything interactive. He was a whiz at the board already but I was pretty shaky when I started out. My other cousins assured me that I would soon get the hang of it.

We played a trivia game for a little while my aunt and some other various family members were engrossed in the NBA game. I won trivia! Then M and I talked with my cousin C for a long time. He's applying to med school right now and is such a funny and unique guy.

Finally, it was time for our homemade gift exchange and I got a really awesome picture that my aunt had drawn. She used black marker to draw these big flowers with zen tangles in the middle. Super cool. And, my cookies went off really well! They looked super professional in the box I'd bought for them.

After the exchange, we all played the trivia game at the dining room table. I did a round and then before game number two got underway I bowed out in the interest of going on the hover board again. This was my third try and I really had gotten comfortable on it. Let me just say, it was some of the most fun I've ever had!!

Whizzing around on the hardwood floor, doing spins, going backward. Man, those things are great. I really want one now! I was definitely sad to part with it when it was time to go.

All in all, the fun of Christmas day overshadowed the not so fun on Christmas Eve. It really was a great holiday!

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