Wednesday, December 16, 2015

9 Ladies Dancing

Today I Christmas shopped with my mom. We left at 10 in the morning (ish) and arrived back at 5:30, it was a very full day but I still have some stuff to get! Overall, I was pretty pleased to find everything I was looking for. My original idea for M was way to pricey so I had to settle for something similar, oh well.

The highlight of the day was getting lunch, I didn't listen to my own advice last year and bring a snack so I was mighty hungry by the time we sat down to eat! Here are my purchases so far:

I still need to get the second part to my secret santa gift for the exchange on my mom's side of the family, find something for my favorite aunt and uncle, another aunt and the third child in MFF. I also have to get my mom and dad's gift but I know what I'm giving them so that's pretty easy. On Friday M and I are to finish everything up.

Oh and I also went to E's Christmas band concert tonight, my favorite song was Silent Night, so beautiful.


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