Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Swans a'Swimming

Today I finished my Christmas shopping! Yay! It wasn't without some drama though as there was a big car situation where I had no way to get to where I needed to go but I used the time at home to make my first batch of cookie dough.

I've talked about it before but here it is again: on Christmas day we go to my Dad's side of the family and do a homemade gift exchange. Most of my family is super artistic so the things they come up with look like they could be sold in stores, no questions asked. I always have a lot of trouble coming up with an idea so this year I'm just going for it and making a ton of different types of cookies. Can't get anymore "homemade" than baking, right? I'm excited though because I love baking and it will be fun to package them up all cute.


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