Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It was a good one!

After a really, and let me stress that word "really", rough morning in which I almost got into a car accident and cried* for the first time in a year (2 unrelated incidents believe it or not), the day turned around.

Because I went right from school to work on Wednesday, there was no time to make pies the night before the holiday. Since we knew this was going to happen we bremade the apple pie on Tuesday and then made all the others on Thanksgiving morning. We made three pumpkin and two chocolate. Honestly, it sounds like a lot but they're easy to make and don't take long at all. We just watched the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix and baked away. It was fairly stress free.

Once the pumpkin pies were in the oven, it was time to get ready. I had this great mustardy colored shirt that I wore with my staple black skirt and it was super Thanksgiving-y. Around 2:15, we loaded all of our pies up and headed to my uncle and aunt's house. They had all of our side of the family in addition to a some people from my aunt's (by marriage) side. I knew everyone though and it was nice to talk and relax. I did not indulge in any appetizers though because other than a single bowl of mini wheats that morning, I was saving my appetite for the big meal of the day.

And great it was!

I didn't clean my plate because I gave myself too big of portions but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food. Then I forced down a piece of our apple pie before anyone else so to make sure it was edible,  after the disaster that was last year's pies. The verdict: the pie was great but slightly undercooked. Sigh. At least all the flavor was there.

After I almost vomited from overeating and there was a big drama when someone lost the diamond on their engagement ring, we played a really fun game where we connected our phones to this game on my cousin's playstation and did pictionary type challenges and some trivia.

All in all, and despite the rocky start, it was a fabulous year! I am thankful every day for my family, my health and for Jesus sacrifice.

Onto to Christmas!


*simply tearing up from books/movies/TV does not count

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