Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shining His Light

On Tuesday, I went into work and was sent back to Antepartum. This is where they put mom's who are having issues during pregnancy, need to be on monitored bedrest etc. I don't love working back there because it can either be super hectic or super boring.

As soon as I got back to the nurses station one of the nurses was saying, "Did you guys see the patient's daughter with Down Syndrome in room ***? She is the cutest thing!" I didn't think much of it and then went to all the rooms to say hello and see if anyone needed anything. When I got to the above mentioned room I said, "Hi I'm Grace, I'll be you nurse assistant this evening."

The mom responded, "I know you, you were here when we got our older daughters diagnosis. You said you'd pray for us."

I realized then that she did look familiar and slowly the memory came back to me. It had been over a year and a half ago and right as my shift was about to end I had come into this mother's room to find her crying. I didn't exactly know why but I do remember saying I'd pray for her and I had.

"This is our daughter," she said and pointed to the cutest little girl sitting in a stroller next to the bed. I totally almost started to cry because she remembered me and her daughter is doing great and God is so faithful and He used ME to bring some peace to this mother.

Sometimes I get nervous to tell people at work that I'll pray for them...I think maybe because I don't know if they'll be offended or something but every time I do, I'm received with warmth. There was a little micro preemie baby that I prayed for for over a year and once I passed her parents in the hospital hallway, right before she was to be released from the NICU but I didn't recognize them until too late. I wanted to tell them how I'd been praying and was really disappointed not to get the chance. But then I realized that it's not about a big thankful payoff for me, sometimes that happens like on Tuesday, but other times I just get to sit back and watch the power of mine and other people's prayers. And on the very same day that that mother recognized me, I saw a local Yahoo news story about this miracle micro preemie baby who was about to spend her firs Thanksgiving at home and is doing great.

Now that's not a coincidence.

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