Friday, November 6, 2015

M's Birthday

I was happy for M's birthday because I skipped school to go to the mall with her and my mom!

Kidding. Yes, I was happy about that but more happy because it was my big sister's special day!

I love M, she is my best friend and we always have so much fun together. I think it's safe to say that we share hundreds of inside jokes and thousands of memories together.

We shopped, went to lunch and then had some family over for cake. It was a great day and I got to put my decorating skills to use and color coordinate the balloons, the presents and the table setting. It came out rather nice for someone who was putting it all together at 11:30 at night after working 8 hours ;)

All in all, it was a great day. I wish M the best 25th year!!

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