Sunday, November 15, 2015

Midnovember Musings, Again

Guys, I'm sure I say this every year but this year, man time has gone by fast. I cannot believe it is that time again. Seriously! I have a feeling that Christmas is really going come quickly this year.

Anyway, only less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. We're going over to my aunt and uncles and it should be a good time. Sad thing is, I have to work the evening before so M and I have to figure out a way to still make our pies. Most likely we'll do the apple on Tuesday and then the pumpkin and chocolate on the actual holiday. Hopefully they come out better than last year. Black Friday will find my sisters and I doorbusting again but this year we're going to take it to the next level and also go out to breakfast and to the movies. I'm excited.

I can't wait until Christmas too. Last night for movie night we watched When Harry Met Sally and just the few little Christmas scenes were enough to really make me pine for the season. Soon, soon. 

You know, I think it's crazy that this is my fifth year of musing. I love it though.

Here are my past musings:

And can I get props for writing this on the actual "midpoint" this year??

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