Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Election Day

Well, I voted for the first time today. This actually should have been my fourth time voting...but I've avoided my civic duty for three years because I really didn't see much point in voting in the yearly elections and for presidential, I had a moral crisis over who to vote for so I just didn't. I feel differently now, and I understand that it is my right and responsibility to cast my vote, there was also an issue that I felt very strongly against so I wanted to make sure and vote a big fat NO on that.

My experience was easy and just as I expected it to be. Voting was at my church so I felt very at home and comfortable. I'd only just registered in the spring when I renewed my license so I was a little scared that they wouldn't have me down but they did (because spring was actually like 6 months ago and I fail to realize that so much time has passed).

Anyway, I took my ballot, went to my cubical and bubbled in that scantron sheet like only a millennial can. I turned it in, got my sticker and was done. It was quick and painless. And happily, the issue I was against did not pass.

Next November...well we all know what that will be. Right now there is a candidate that I believe in and one that I can feel comfortable voting for but it's all a matter of him getting on the ticket so we'll see.

You all know I loathe politics so this is a big step for me. ;)

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