Monday, November 30, 2015

Finally FInals

Woo, this semester went quickly but it still feels like I'm about to finish a very long, and sometimes trying, race. Happily, I will officially be done with this semester a week from Wednesday! So soon!

Yes, there are many things that are stressing me out. Namely a paper for the teacher who ruined my day (not my life) a few months ago, a two hour reading that I really don't want to attend for various reasons, and numerous other assignments that I'm just over.

But, I will prevail. I have, in fact, finished a pretty complete draft of paper for said professor and my nonfiction final essay is finally going where I want it to. Additionally, two of my exams are take home so yay for that!

And, there is plenty of Christmas cheer to get me through it. This weekend is my dad's side of the family's annual party and the Saturday after that is my church's Christmas dinner where I will be performing with my young adult group in choir! I'm so excited! There will also be fun days of hanging with C and El and my much anticipated Christmas shopping day with my mama.

And I will be doing 12 Days of Christmas again, just a little differently! So much to anticipate! I just need to get through the next 9 days!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday

I need to start thinking of clever titles again, huh?

Yesterday my sisters and I left the house at 6:45 and didn't return for nearly 12 hours! It was a looooong day but a good day. We doorbusted, where E won a $50 gift card, which was lot better than in years past because it wasn't cold out. Then we went to breakfast and I got chocolate chip pancakes so it was clearly a great time.

After we ate we went to the mall where I got a super cool aqua colored three quarter zip up from PINK for just 30 bucks. It is so me. We stopped by American Eagle and saw an employee advertising a blanket that you get free for spending a certain amount of money. I really wanted it but didn't want to spend that much or wait in line so we moved on.

After shopping, we went to the movies. Our plan was to see Love the Coopers but they'd switched around the movie times on us. We had to quickly pick another movie and ended up going to Secret in Their Eyes. It was good for sure but not as feel good as our original pick!

From there we dropped off E and got our mom from work because we were going back to the mall to buy something for E at American Eagle and guess what? I bought a sweater and in addition to my mom's purchases, I got that blanket! Win win.

When we finally got home, I had to work on some blasted paper and then E and I watched Anastasia which she has been begging me to do for years. I saw it only once when I was pretty young and this time I really liked it a lot.

More fun tonight as we're going to see Catching Fire Part 2 at last!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It was a good one!

After a really, and let me stress that word "really", rough morning in which I almost got into a car accident and cried* for the first time in a year (2 unrelated incidents believe it or not), the day turned around.

Because I went right from school to work on Wednesday, there was no time to make pies the night before the holiday. Since we knew this was going to happen we bremade the apple pie on Tuesday and then made all the others on Thanksgiving morning. We made three pumpkin and two chocolate. Honestly, it sounds like a lot but they're easy to make and don't take long at all. We just watched the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix and baked away. It was fairly stress free.

Once the pumpkin pies were in the oven, it was time to get ready. I had this great mustardy colored shirt that I wore with my staple black skirt and it was super Thanksgiving-y. Around 2:15, we loaded all of our pies up and headed to my uncle and aunt's house. They had all of our side of the family in addition to a some people from my aunt's (by marriage) side. I knew everyone though and it was nice to talk and relax. I did not indulge in any appetizers though because other than a single bowl of mini wheats that morning, I was saving my appetite for the big meal of the day.

And great it was!

I didn't clean my plate because I gave myself too big of portions but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food. Then I forced down a piece of our apple pie before anyone else so to make sure it was edible,  after the disaster that was last year's pies. The verdict: the pie was great but slightly undercooked. Sigh. At least all the flavor was there.

After I almost vomited from overeating and there was a big drama when someone lost the diamond on their engagement ring, we played a really fun game where we connected our phones to this game on my cousin's playstation and did pictionary type challenges and some trivia.

All in all, and despite the rocky start, it was a fabulous year! I am thankful every day for my family, my health and for Jesus sacrifice.

Onto to Christmas!


*simply tearing up from books/movies/TV does not count

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Living, Dying and Understanding

Last week, posts began to pop up on facebook that a boy I had went to school with had died. At first I assumed that maybe it was drugs because I wasn't sure what type of path he'd went on but then it became known that it was something else that was not preventable and not his fault. Regardless of how he died, it really upset me.

We were in the same math class in sixth grade and sat in the same table grouping. He was a bit of a troublemaker but super nice and so so funny. I remember he had this running joke going that he had a pet squirrel named "Squirrelly" who had died in the Tsunami the year before. It sounds stupid and probably a little insensitive to all of the people who had died but I'm telling was so funny. Sometimes he would randomly pretend to cry about Squirelly and once he drew a little picture of him getting sucked up by a tornado (yeah, not a Tsunami that time I guess!). I thought he was hilarious and had a little crush on him and his "badboy" image. I remember him goofing off in chorus and the teacher having to sing out his name to get him to pay attention.

I didn't see him much after middle school but from time to time he would pop up and I still thought he was cute and funny. And now he's gone.

It's weird, because outside of that one year in math class, we weren't really friends and so many people knew him a ton better than I did. But I knew him as a 12 year old who liked to make jokes and draw funny pictures.

And he only made it to age 22.

He's the first person I graduated with that died and he won't be the last. It's a reminder that life is fleeting, it truly is. On Friday I had a professor say that life is very, very long. It was such an ignorant thing to say, because even if you life 99 years, it's not long in comparison to eternity. 22 years isn't long at all, but that's all this boy got. His life is over and I'm still going on living. Why me? I don't know.

God could choose to take any of us at any time and this is why we have to make the most of every minute of our life. It's the blink of an eye.

Rest in Peace N, I hope you're reunited with Squirelly ;)


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shining His Light

On Tuesday, I went into work and was sent back to Antepartum. This is where they put mom's who are having issues during pregnancy, need to be on monitored bedrest etc. I don't love working back there because it can either be super hectic or super boring.

As soon as I got back to the nurses station one of the nurses was saying, "Did you guys see the patient's daughter with Down Syndrome in room ***? She is the cutest thing!" I didn't think much of it and then went to all the rooms to say hello and see if anyone needed anything. When I got to the above mentioned room I said, "Hi I'm Grace, I'll be you nurse assistant this evening."

The mom responded, "I know you, you were here when we got our older daughters diagnosis. You said you'd pray for us."

I realized then that she did look familiar and slowly the memory came back to me. It had been over a year and a half ago and right as my shift was about to end I had come into this mother's room to find her crying. I didn't exactly know why but I do remember saying I'd pray for her and I had.

"This is our daughter," she said and pointed to the cutest little girl sitting in a stroller next to the bed. I totally almost started to cry because she remembered me and her daughter is doing great and God is so faithful and He used ME to bring some peace to this mother.

Sometimes I get nervous to tell people at work that I'll pray for them...I think maybe because I don't know if they'll be offended or something but every time I do, I'm received with warmth. There was a little micro preemie baby that I prayed for for over a year and once I passed her parents in the hospital hallway, right before she was to be released from the NICU but I didn't recognize them until too late. I wanted to tell them how I'd been praying and was really disappointed not to get the chance. But then I realized that it's not about a big thankful payoff for me, sometimes that happens like on Tuesday, but other times I just get to sit back and watch the power of mine and other people's prayers. And on the very same day that that mother recognized me, I saw a local Yahoo news story about this miracle micro preemie baby who was about to spend her firs Thanksgiving at home and is doing great.

Now that's not a coincidence.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Midnovember Musings, Again

Guys, I'm sure I say this every year but this year, man time has gone by fast. I cannot believe it is that time again. Seriously! I have a feeling that Christmas is really going come quickly this year.

Anyway, only less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. We're going over to my aunt and uncles and it should be a good time. Sad thing is, I have to work the evening before so M and I have to figure out a way to still make our pies. Most likely we'll do the apple on Tuesday and then the pumpkin and chocolate on the actual holiday. Hopefully they come out better than last year. Black Friday will find my sisters and I doorbusting again but this year we're going to take it to the next level and also go out to breakfast and to the movies. I'm excited.

I can't wait until Christmas too. Last night for movie night we watched When Harry Met Sally and just the few little Christmas scenes were enough to really make me pine for the season. Soon, soon. 

You know, I think it's crazy that this is my fifth year of musing. I love it though.

Here are my past musings:

And can I get props for writing this on the actual "midpoint" this year??

Friday, November 6, 2015

M's Birthday

I was happy for M's birthday because I skipped school to go to the mall with her and my mom!

Kidding. Yes, I was happy about that but more happy because it was my big sister's special day!

I love M, she is my best friend and we always have so much fun together. I think it's safe to say that we share hundreds of inside jokes and thousands of memories together.

We shopped, went to lunch and then had some family over for cake. It was a great day and I got to put my decorating skills to use and color coordinate the balloons, the presents and the table setting. It came out rather nice for someone who was putting it all together at 11:30 at night after working 8 hours ;)

All in all, it was a great day. I wish M the best 25th year!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

It was a grand time!

So, this year my sisters and I hosted El, her mom and grandma (my dad's cousins), her little friend and some other family. We were in charge of the whole event because my parents went out for their anniversary that night. We cleaned and cleaned Saturday morning and then went out shopping for food before coming home to prepare some more.

People came over around 5 and our house was quickly buzzing with people. I was so happy to see my Ellie again, I love that child so much! She was an adorable little black cat and got such a kick out of Ruby dressed up as super dog. After everyone ate, it was time to go out trick or treating. The night was cool but dry for once! A big group of us accompanied El and her friend as they went from house to house. I loved trick or treating so much when I was younger, it was so fun to share in their excitement. Sadly, El was getting over being sick so she didn't have as much stamina or fun as she could have.

When we got home, people didn't stay too much longer because they had other plans and so did we! The leaders of our young adult Bible study were hosing a masquerade party at their house that night as well. We got to dress up and I was so stoked to have an excuse to wear my prom dress again. I love that dress so much! And it still fits 3 1/2 years later, score! We also wore masks (of course!) and E lent me her beautiful white dress coat. I felt like a princess.

The part was so much fun. Just a great time with great people. There was delicious food, a murder mystery type game where we each got to play a character and various other activities. I love that I can hang around with these people, who are all around my age, and not have to listen to swearing or talk about lewd things. I love that we can have a good time without getting drunk or high, I love that we all love the Lord and I am so, so thankful.

All in all, it was a Halloween for the books!

Election Day

Well, I voted for the first time today. This actually should have been my fourth time voting...but I've avoided my civic duty for three years because I really didn't see much point in voting in the yearly elections and for presidential, I had a moral crisis over who to vote for so I just didn't. I feel differently now, and I understand that it is my right and responsibility to cast my vote, there was also an issue that I felt very strongly against so I wanted to make sure and vote a big fat NO on that.

My experience was easy and just as I expected it to be. Voting was at my church so I felt very at home and comfortable. I'd only just registered in the spring when I renewed my license so I was a little scared that they wouldn't have me down but they did (because spring was actually like 6 months ago and I fail to realize that so much time has passed).

Anyway, I took my ballot, went to my cubical and bubbled in that scantron sheet like only a millennial can. I turned it in, got my sticker and was done. It was quick and painless. And happily, the issue I was against did not pass.

Next November...well we all know what that will be. Right now there is a candidate that I believe in and one that I can feel comfortable voting for but it's all a matter of him getting on the ticket so we'll see.

You all know I loathe politics so this is a big step for me. ;)