Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trudging Through

Guess what? I've come down with influenza. Early in the season, yay me!

It started Saturday evening before movie night. My throat felt sort of off and I feared a cold was coming. The next morning I woke up just feeling plain bad so I stayed home from church. I came upstairs, tried to eat breakfast but found no appetite and started to get the chills. I was also congested only on the left side of my face and I had a nasty pain in my left uppper quadrent when I inhaled. It was not fun.

By the time my family returned, I was huddled up on the couch in a blanket, still very cold despite the fact that it wasn't actually cold in the house. My mom confirmed a fever and I spent the day watching House (I'm nearly done with the show now, hooray for binge watching during illness!) and E True Hollywood stories. It would have been nice if I didn't feel so poor.

The next morning I decided I'd better just go to school. I didn't want to miss class and I felt somewhat ok so I forged ahead. The day was alright, though I still felt bad but I managed. It was only later that night, during the premiere of DWTS that I felt feverish again and the thermometer confirmed that my body was right. Boo!

The next day I had to call of work because, hello, I work around babies and new moms and who wants a sick person taking care of them?? I still had to go to ta surgery follow up appointment at the eye doctor though which was NOT fun. I checked out great but I felt awful the whole time. Sadly, at this point, on top of the fever and overall sick feeling, I also had all of the lovely cold symptoms. The worst.

The rest of the day was spent watching more House but this time on TV because a miracle happened and USA network was running a marathon of the exact episodes I was on on Netflix, it was perfect! And I got to watch in my comfy bed instead of the coach, I felt slightly better later that day and did some schoolwork.

I went to school today, felt awful for the first half but then perked up a bit. Upon arriving home I felt a lot better, cleaned the kitchen and now have to take care of E who is in the beginning stages of getting sick herself. The cycle continues.


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