Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Great Summer Book Swap of 2015

M and I both love to read and usually, our interests in books heavily overlap. Most of the books I've read and loved, she's read and loved and vise verses. Still, there are a few books and series that are our own personal favorites that the other had no interest in. But in order to share our love of them and see if the other agrees, decided to have a book swap.

I was to read the Wrinkle in Time books, M was to read The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. We each only had to read three books out of each quartet because M had already read the first Sisterhood and she advised that I didn't need to read the fourth Wrinkle because it wasn't very good.

And so, on the first of June we embarked. I really only wanted it to take a month but because I had a hard time getting into the books and had other things to read, it took two. I ended up enjoying the first book, hating the second and enjoying the third. Overall, I'm just not a science fiction fan and I really have a hard time appreciating that genre. For the most part, I think (with the exception of the third book), I failed to find the same magic in the books that M had.

On the flip side, M did seem to enjoy the Sisterhood books and even decided to go right into ready the fifth and final epilogue book Sisterhood Everlasting. She definitely didn't love them as much as me and hates one of the major characters but I do think she had fun reading them.

To conclude, I'm glad that I was pushed out of my book comfort zone and read something I normally wouldn't have and I'm glad that M will finally understand my many references to Ann Brashares masterpieces.


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