Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Beach

There is a beach about 30 minutes from my house that my family and I have frequented ever since I was a little girl. Once, M and I tried to meet up with some friends there and my parents had given us faulty directions so we got lost. Since then, I've been weary to venture there alone again.

But today, Claire and her sister were home from school together for a total of 3 days this whole summer and they asked to meet up at the beach. Our parents were at work so it was just M and I to go. I began feeling nervous right away.

You need to understand that I have a terrible fear of being lost, especially while driving and navigating freeways where it can be so easy to fall off track. M is a great driver though and she goes all over the place so my fears were actually very irrational.

As it neared time for us to leave, I was feeling greatly fearful. I pushed myself to go, directions in hand. And guess what? We made it all in one piece, no problems, no fuss. We walked together though the sand dune path, marveling at how this was the first time we'd made the trek alone. We do so many things by ourselves but the beach hadn't been one of them. When we reached the water, I felt so free and relaxed and happy. We'd made it!

For a little while we sat on a long piece of driftwood and waited for our friends. It was so peaceful.

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