Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Goals Revisited

How is it already that time again??? Summer went fast and slow at the same time but here I am on the eve of my first day of school. So, it's time to evaluate who I fared this year with my goals. 
Summer Goals 2015
Accomplish at Least Half
1. Read at least 7 books (X)
I'm so happy to have accomplished this since I've been only doing five the past few summers. This year, I read some good ones!
           1. What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us
           2. A Wrinkle in Time
           3. Cutting for Stone
           4. A Wind in the Door
           5. A Swiftly Tilting Planet
           6. The History of Love
           7. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn  

2. Run/Bike/Swim as much as possible (X)
I didn't run much after May so i didn't completely accomplish this goal but two thirds works right? I biked to Bible Study each week as well as to VBS practice and it was so enjoyable. I also swam pretty much whenever the weather permitted. 

3. Run a race (X)
I did it! I ran a 5K earlier this month. The experience was great and I can't wait to do more next year. 

4. Develop a healthy eating plan ()
Nope. I ate SO BAD this summer. I mean just terribly. I ate good wholesome meals but I had so much desert and just felt the need to always have something sweet. I also had many days where I would skip meals entirely and just have junk. It's so bad but it's been fun haha. Now that school is starting, I'm saying adios to that way of eating and really buckling down. 

5. Eat one meal outside each day if weather permits ()
The weather never permitted the whole month of June so I sort of gave up. 

6. Organize my bedroom ()
I SHOULD have done this during those rainy June days but I didn't and once the weather turned nicer I never wanted to spend much time indoors. I will do this soon though. 

7. Finish writing my book series ()After writing so much for school this year I sort of had a lackluster approach to it this summer despite how awesome I was about it last year. I only made a bit of progress on my 3rd book sadly. Of course, I know I will finish them, it's just a little slower going. 

8. Make dinner for my family once a week ()
I started out strong but only did this about 4-5 times so I can't take credit.

9. Get closer to buying a car (X)
I spent more money than I would have liked to but I did pack a bit away in savings so that I can hopefully buy a car by the end of the year.

10. Develop a new friendship/relationship (X)
Happy to report that I have done this through my Bible Study! It's been such a blessing to get to know people who love the Lord.

11. Do one thing crazy (X)
I did a lot of crazy this year! I went up 107 stories on the Skydeck in Chicago's Willis tower, I drudged through a big mud pit, I jumped off a rope into a large body of water among other things! I'm actually really glad I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

12. Have a perfect day (X)
I had one lovely day of swimming that was quite near perfect and I also just spent part of my weekend on an island that was just beautiful and amazing.

13. Start doing art again ()
I wish I had but I didn't make the effort, hopefully soon.

14. Be better each day and enjoy every moment! (X)
I really did make an effort to savor and enjoy every bit of this summer and I tried to be better each day even if I didn't always succeed.

Goals Accomplished: 8/14

You know what's funny? That's the least amount that I've done in a long time and yet this has been one of the best summer's of my life! I did so many fun things and just enjoyed myself so much. I love you Summer 2015 and I'm sad to say goodbye!
Here's to a great semester! 

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