Saturday, August 22, 2015

Letting Go is the Hardest Part

My aunt's family owns an island. I know, right??

And her and my uncle have been asking and inviting us to go out there for a weekend for practically my whole life. For whatever reason, my parents weren't super into it so we never went until this weekend.

M had been wanting to go for awhile so she finally convinced the to set a date. It was hard finding a time with all of the end of summer events and we only got to stay one night but we made it out at last!

And it was grand.

Picture a lovely little island, with lush grass and shady trees and calm waters and golf carts to ride around even though you can actually walk very easily.

There was an actual cove as well with a rope to swing off of high rocks and into the water. At first I was super intimidated by the height and not going to do it. But then I saw E do it and it seemed like so much fun and I'm a all about trying new things. So I strapped on a kids life jacket (I'm a very weak swimmer) and started toward the edge. M had gone before me and failed to get onto the rope correctly and ended up skidding on the water.  I wanted to do it right.

My aunt coached me on how to get the best thrill and then I was just standing there, holding the rope and sweating with nervousness. They urged me to go for it but it was hard making my feet let go of that solid rock and plunge into the unknown. I finally psyched myself up and jumped.

And I ended up just like M, scared to put my whole body onto the rope and just swing. I knew I had to go again. It was just the slightest bit easier jumping off that time but I managed to sit right on top of the big knot on the rope and swing way out there. Then I heard my aunt's command to "JUMP!"  and I let go.

There was a long free fall, so long that I was surprised when I finally hit the water that I didn't plug my nose and water jetting so far I thought my brain would be damaged. I coughed and spluttered on my way to the shore but I'd done it!

I messed up one other time, swinging all the way back and nearly giving my mom a heart attach that I'd hit the rocks (I didn't even come close :) after that I told myself I had to make the jump more times than I missed it. So I succeeded three more times!

It was triumphant. And all I had to do was let go.


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