Monday, August 10, 2015

Diary of a Fit Girl: August-My First Race!

Above is my elbow, sporting a painful scrape. How did I get that scrape you ask? Answer: THE DAILY DOUBLE. Just kidding, I am not and will never be Alex Trebec. But I digress...

I had my first race! My mom, dad, sister, and Aunt C and myself all ran a race with obstacles and a lot of mud on Saturday. To say I "ran it" would be a big fat lie because I only jogged for about a third of the time. Since my dad and M and I stuck together, we couldn't really run much because my dad's knee kept messing up on him. I would have preferred to run the whole darn thing but I'm not sure I would have been able to so I'm sort of glad I had an excuse not to.

The obstacles were my favorite part, they were like adult playground. Climbing, crawling, hanging, jumping-it was such a blast and I love that kind of stuff. I sped through all of it, not even afraid of the great 12 foot wall I had to climb! Heck, if I can't be a good runner at least this girl can climb with the best of them.

At the end of the race (after jumping over some fire...) there was a big giant slide that threw you into a giant water pit. Sliding down was so fast and I got bucked off at the end! I went under water a bit and then my eyes got wet and I was afraid to open them because I didn't want my contacts to get dried out and gross so I called for M and she led me in.

The actual last obstacle was a long trench of straight up mucky mud that you had to crawl through. You could chose to walk around it and at first we did. But then my mom (who'd finished long ago, bless her), encouraged us to go for it. M refused because she hates mud but my dad and I went back in and got it done! It was gross and sloppy and I ended up getting coated in mud so that I actually looked nude but then I hosed off so all was well.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and a goal of mine so I'm really glad I went for it and it can only go up from here as I build endurance and strength. I can't wait to "run" it next year!

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