Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I've had the book on my shelf for almost two years, having "borrowed" it from my cousin :). M actually read it during that time and urged me to do the same, for whatever reason, it took me until just last week.

I picked it up and immediately became engrossed. Francie's world was so beautifully crafted and written. Simple daily happenings gave me feeling of wonderment, I lived in that world for the four days it took me to read it. Each character was so real, their gestures, their dialogue and the descriptions were just lovely.

I cried more during this book than I ever have in any book before. I cried for Johny, for Francie, for Katie and Neeley and Laurie and all of them. The feelings from the book were so real, not contrived or brought on by cheap tricks that authors rely so heavily on these days.

Betty Smith is a true literary genius, this book is my favorite of all time. The careful writing and poetic language and the coming of age story is something I can only dream to produce someday. This is writing in it's purest form.

Reading that last page, the last two lines...I honestly just dissolved in tears. Tears because I didn't want it to be over, tears because it was breathtakingly beautiful and tears because I knew these characters and what they were feeling.

Please, if you have not read this book-do! It's a treasure.

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