Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Happy Place

Confession: Up until this point, I've hardly written at all this summer. Not talking about on this blog, but my books that I'm writing.

I'm not sure why I lagged so badly, perhaps it was because I'd written so much during the school year and wanted a break, maybe I was just being lazy :). Anyway, I finally returned to writing this week and I'm so happy I did. I forgot just how much I enjoy writing, how much I missed the characters I created and the simple feeling of putting fingers to keyboard. I love it and it makes me happier than I can explain. I feel like this just affirms that I am going down the right path in my life. Even if I don't use it right away, I've benefited so much from going for a degree in Creative Writing.

Now, if I can just get better at updating the 'ole blog I'd be set! I will make a huge push to write more!

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