Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Perfect Summer Days

I promise to blog about my Chicago trip but for now I want to say that today and yesterday have been marvelous. The weather has been hot and sunny and we took full advantage!

Yesterday, M and I took El to the local pool and had the best time! We stayed for over three hours and just swam away. The only hiccup was a group of rowdy camp boys taking our table but I taught them a firm lesson ;). El is such a little swimmer now! It is great to be able to go into the deep end with her and swim about.

And today, my dad and sisters and I headed to a local water park that we haven't been to in 7 years. It's absolutely crazy to me that I was just 14 last time we went, it hardly seems like that long ago. We went down some great slides and swam in the lazy river and wave pool. I'm getting quite tan indeed!

I am loving these summer days and just soaking them up. I think a Dairy Queen ice cream cone is in my near future!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Blogging Slump

What is causing it? I'm not entirely sure. I think it's that I rarely even sit down at Lars (my trusty laptop) unless I'm writing my book. I'm on my ipad most of the time I need the internet. I feel bad because this has really been a great summer and I wish I'd documented it more. On the flip side, when blogging feels like a chore, I don't usually force it. I mean I am on break from school so this time should be stress free and relaxing. still though, I want to blog sometimes I just don't like to if that makes any sense.

What have I been up to?? Long walks through various parks, working more than I'd like but still not all that much :), swimming at last, hanging out with El, watching a lot of House and generally having tons of fun.

We are headed to Chicago very soon to see C, the city and the Secret Classic, I cannot wait! I will blog about the trip for sure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Happy Place

Confession: Up until this point, I've hardly written at all this summer. Not talking about on this blog, but my books that I'm writing.

I'm not sure why I lagged so badly, perhaps it was because I'd written so much during the school year and wanted a break, maybe I was just being lazy :). Anyway, I finally returned to writing this week and I'm so happy I did. I forgot just how much I enjoy writing, how much I missed the characters I created and the simple feeling of putting fingers to keyboard. I love it and it makes me happier than I can explain. I feel like this just affirms that I am going down the right path in my life. Even if I don't use it right away, I've benefited so much from going for a degree in Creative Writing.

Now, if I can just get better at updating the 'ole blog I'd be set! I will make a huge push to write more!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Summer is Made of

At last, we had some beautiful weather and right over the 4th of July weekend. Finally, I got to spend a whole day outside, swimming in the pool and reading on lounge chairs. Though the rain returned today, I'm really thankful for the reprieve and hoping for more sun soon. Because summer is made of swimming and tanning, fireworks, cookouts, cornhole, picnics, parks, ice cream, mosquito bites...all of it!

In other news, I've been doing pretty well as far as reading books this summer goes. I think I just finished #5! My other summer goals...eh not sure how well I'm doing but I still have time!