Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Fun

VBS was awesome! And this week has also been full of summer fun. I had to work Monday but on Tuesday we headed to Cedar Point. I've ridden most of the coasters in the park at one point or another but they terrify me and I get motion sickness so now I mostly just go along for the fun of it. My sisters ride everything so my parents and I follow them around and find our own fun. I still managed to ride a good deal such as: the ferris wheel, monorail, bumper cars, antique cars, Cedar Creek Mine Cars and the Raptor. I had Dippin' Dots (twice!) and generally had a great time. I just love Cedar Point, everything about it really. I even won a stuffed turtle I named Regis after the lady at the guessing game failed to guess my weight correctly.

Wednesday, we went to a major league baseball game. The weather was beautiful and the game was very exciting. Later that evening was Bible study and I ended the night with over an hour of reading.

Today, we went to breakfast a cute little town nearby and shopped around for a bit. Then we went bowling! I love to bowl, despite the fact that I'm pretty terrible at it. I came in 3rd place the first game but last in the second. For whatever reason, the longer I play, the worse I get! I still had fun though :). We got home and I just read for another hour or so, I'm in a book club now and the first book is very long but I'm determined to finish early.

Well, tomorrow is work again but then a bonfire and carnival this weekend! Summer is the best.

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