Monday, June 29, 2015

Diary of Fit Girl: June

Well, let me start by saying that my summer workouts have been hard to fit in and I've missed weeks at a time which is pitiful. Still though, my progress is steady and I have actual defined abs :D. As far as my running goes, I am able to do 2.5 without stopping or slowing so I'm confident that I can get passed 3 very soon!

Here are some things I realized during my fitness journey:
-I still can't figure out if I prefer push-ups to one hand, situps are a bit more difficult for me because my back can't curl. BUT, it's deadly to stay in a plank position when doing wide plank, to diamond, to dive bomber...ugh
-Not looking at the clock during the 15 minute warm-up is very effective. Nothing makes time go by slower than me constantly glancing at how much time has gone by...and finding out it's been a total of 10 seconds since the last time I checked.
-Upper-cuts are my favorite punch.
-Running CAN be fun!


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