Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy Summer and Exciting News!

I feel like I went from being soooo bored and not at all busy to being very busy and not at all bored! I like being busy better I think but it has been an adjustment. Right now I have work (3 days a week, maybe two if I'm lucky ;), boxing (3 days a week), Bible study starting Wednesday nights, weekly practices for the VBS drama, I'm reading 3 books and in a monthly book club, I'm still trying to finish writing the book series I started last year (3/4 done with book 3/$!), helping nanny my cousin El with M and...well going watching House MD beginning to end (on season 3, best show ever).

So yeah, it's a lot and if I don't do a little of everything each day then I fall behind and get stressed but being busy is good! Being productive is good! And I have some super exciting news that I just posted on my other blog! I am going to the Secret Classic again this year with my whole family! So though i initially thought we wouldn't be going on any vacation this year, I somehow made a trip to Chicago happen and I am PUMPED. Not only do I get a fun little break, I will also get to see Claire and attend a live gymnastics meet again. I don't think I can describe my excitement. I just feel so thankful and blessed that my family has the means and the desire to make this trip happen.

See you in July Chicago!!

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