Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weighing In on Josh Duggar (and the whole family)

I'm a long time watcher of "19 Kids and Counting". Yes, I saw that wholesome Christian family at first. I saw the big smiles and teamwork. And then I did some research via message boards and the like. In lieu of these allegations against Josh Duggar turning out to be true, all I have to say is: I'm not surprised.

Not only has the abuse been a rumor for YEARS, I know that there is a lot more going on in this family than meets the eye. For instance, Jim Bob and Michelle heavily endorsed a horrific book called "To Train Up a Child" by Michael and Debi Pearl. This is a book that advocates hitting a 4 month old baby, holding a child under a faucet and spanking a child into submissions. There have been parents who follow these teachings that have killed their kids with these methods. Sick.

The Duggars are also big into the ATI or Advanced Training Institute which is a homeschool group formed by convicted child predator, Bill Gothard. Gothard has since resigned but thousands still follow his teachings, Duggars included.

And don't even get me started on the fact that the girls can't even leave the house without a chaperone, are taught to give in to their husbands every demand and how none of the kids are encouraged to pursue any higher education. 

And so, when you watch the show, when you think about how "wholesome" this family is, consider what those older girls have been through. Consider who Jim Bob and Michelle are really following. I hope it's God, but I don't think you can truly have God in your heart and abuse your kids.

I pray that I'm wrong but there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. Where there is smoke...

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