Monday, May 18, 2015

Flashback Series: The Last of High School

The end of my senior year was pretty blissful. Due to construction in the school, our cafeteria was out of commission so we were permitted to go off campus for lunch. This was  HUGE deal and hadn't been allowed for upwards of 20 years. My friends and I went on picnics, to restaurants and each others houses. It was a blast.

Since myself and L (and a few other friends) were going to be doing senior projects for the last few weeks of school, our last day fell at the beginning of May. On that day, L and I both wore our senior shirts and black leggings (a style I'm not entirely fond of but I greed to match ;). My mom snapped pictures of me in front of the fire place as she had on the first and last day of school since I was 5. I was soooo excited.

I brought my camera to school and took probably about fifty pictures. I posed with all of my friends and classmates and a couple of teachers. We ate brownies to celebrate and generally didn't focus on our schoolwork! It was such a surreal feeling to be leaving...forever. At the end of the day, L and I cleaned out our lockers (our displaced lockers seeing as our original ones had been demolished).

At our high school, it had been an old tradition for the advanced art students to paint murals or just pictures on the walls. Before we left, L and I posed by our favorites as well as the quote board and an old map. I'm so glad I have those pictures because they've since been painted over!

Walking outside was equal parts exciting and sad...mostly I was just exciting but I'm also sentimental and couldn't help but think of how a big chapter of my life was ending. M took some final pictures of us in front of the school...and that was it. It was over. I had left a place that held some of my best memories. A place hat I had once hated but grown to love. Where I had made great friends and had teachers that I'll remember forever. High school was over but there was still a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!


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