Friday, April 17, 2015

Surgery Part Three: Recovery

Recovery was, on the whole, not that bad. Especially after having the awful experience of back surgery, this was nothing really! For the first couple days, my eyes water uncontrollably which sucked. It also hurt to look to the side so I had to train myself to move my head instead of my eyes. Honestly, the hardest thing was probably adjusting to wearing glasses again, which I haven't done in 6 years. At first they made me dizzy and felt off but I did get used to them. Before I was feeling better, I spent about four days watching a lot of TV (Dateline..tones of it!) and having my sisters read to me.

Eventually, I felt back to normal which was awesome! I ended up wearing my glasses for over a month because I needed to get new contacts which took a little bit. My eyes have stayed straight, and now that the redness is gone, they look really nice! I'm happy with the result and happy I had it done. It was a really tough decision but in the end, I feel that God was with me every step and protected me from harm. I am so thankful.

Today is actually the first day I've started to wear my contacts again. I'm glad that I know I can wear glasses now if I have to but I am definitely a contacts girl! It is so nice to have clear peripheral vision again and not to have something heavy on my face!

Of course, there is always the possible that my eyes will begin to drift again and in that case, yes, I will be a little disappointed. But, I can always have more work done (though I don't want to) and it's not the end of the world. Right now, I'm just trusting in God and living my life!

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